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Glenn Ryzebol

I discovered a few years ago that I like to make things out of wood and that I am a bit frugal.  I realized the bit about being frugal a lot sooner than the bit about making things from wood.  I decided very quickly that the lumber of choice, for me, would be almost exclusively reclaimed lumber and that most of the reclaimed lumber wood (puntastic, I know) be derived from pallets.  The reason for this?  It is free and plentiful.  Also, I like the idea of taking something that was discarded and giving it new life.  I try to make my projects to appear as unlike pallets as I possibly can,  but there are always some signs of the wood`s history in the piece; nail holes or other imperfections.  As I work, I learn. As I learn, my work improves.  Mostly the plan is to have fun creating.

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